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Cheat + Hidden Parts Armored core 2 another age PlayStation 2

First Person View
During a game, hold Triangle + Square + Start. Release all buttons, then press Start again.

Fixed camera view
For a camera fixed at the pre-location
NA Release: Hold Circle + X + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game.
Japanese Release: Hold Circle + X + Select. Press Select to resume game.

Default view
To return to the default view, pause the game, then press Start to resume the game. For the Japanese version of the game, press Select instead of Start.

Limiter Release/Infinite Energy (temp invincibility)
During a game, press L2+R2+R3 to activate this cheat. You should see a "Limiter Released" system error message appear, and you will have infinite energy during this time. After approximately one minute, the "OB Down" system error will appear. It will last as long as the previous error, but you will not have any energy. After "OB Down" is completed, your AC will recharge and return to normal vulnerability

Infinite Energy
This cheat will give you unlimited generator energy (not AP) for a limited time. During a game, press L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+R3. The screen should flash a "System error" and a "limiter release" message on the left hand side, during which you will have unlimited generator energy.

Steal Arena AC's emblems
To steal an Arena AC's emblem the arena AC should be defeated. Now select the defeated opponent and press triangle to see the AC's stats. Now at the stat screen press select+start. If done correctly you will hear a "bleep" sound. When you're done that go to your garage and select edit emblem to view your stolen emblem.

Plus cheats
This is a complicated procedure to enable the Plus cheats:
After the Raven test you must lose the mission. Die with at least -50,000 credits, and the Plus cheats will be activated. Your game should restart at level 1 and all items should be in your inventory from the last game.
Complete this multiple times to unlock more cheats.

1st Time Enhancement: Radar
You will be equipped with a radar with range up to 260km and which also has a missile display. 2nd Time Enhancement: Laser Blade Wave
After a laser blade attack, press the X button to follow it up with a wave attack.
3rd Time Enhancement: Heat Reduction
Your AC's heat taken from attacks will be reduced by half.
4th Time Enhancement: Fire Back Unit Weapons while Standing/Moving
You can fire all back unit weapons from a standing or flying position.
5th Time Enhancement: Half Energy Use
Your booster and energy-based weapons will use half as much energy as before.
8th Time Enhancement: Double Cooling Power
Your cooling rate will be doubled.

Hidden Parts

Eliminate Leos Kline: Hidden AC part:
Equip a head with a hacking of 4 or greater. Open the door on the left in the area just before Leos Kline.

Ground Based Assault: Hidden AC part:
Go to the opposite side of the map. Fly underneath the bridge to find a ledge that has a hidden AC part.

Infiltrate Radar Base and Destroy Radar Base: Hidden AC parts:
There are two AC parts in the same building on both of these levels. Get outside, then move all the way to the right to find three buildings with doors on both sides. Shoot the door on far side of the building furthest to the right to find a different part on each of those level.

Protect The Train: Hidden AC part:
Play the "Protect The Train" mission. When the train arrives, destroy the last few sections to reveal a hidden AC part.

Rescue Research Team: Hidden AC part:
Go approximately halfway through the corridor with the floating platform. Repeatedly shoot the different colored disk at that location. Fall all the way down the opening that appears to find the Moonlight.

Safeguard Secret Information: Hidden AC part:
Equip a head with a hacking of at least 4 . Turn left in the room before the elevator, then open the doors. Shoot the crates in the center to uncover a panel in the floor. Shoot the panel to find a hidden AC part.

Snow mission: Hidden AC part:
When you have to destroy the crates during the snow mission, enter the crack to the right of the starting location. Destroy part of the airplane to open a small cave. It contains a part that makes your left arm weapons or shields power up.

Stop The Surface Weapon: Hidden AC part:
Go past the weapons to find the Karasawa near some rocks.

Training room: Hidden AC part:
Repeatedly shoot the circle in the ceiling until it breaks. Enter the hidden area and follow the shaft to find a part for your radar.

Underground Railway: Hidden AC parts:
Follow the right-side branch of the tunnel to the end. Destroy the panel at that location. There is another panel in the ceiling above. Shoot the ceiling panel to find a hidden AC part.

Zio City Suppresion: Hidden AC part:
This one is pretty hard because of the speacial forces. so at the beginin tur right and rush to the other grenn urban ara the investigate it until you see a big ac part that look like a drone. Eventually don't shoot it and pick it up. You may have to re-try a couple of time before you find it. Have fun.

AC test mode in garage: Secret radar part
Go to the AC test mode in the garage. Look up at the little octagon in the middle of the ceiling and shoot it. It should take about 50 hits with your stardard rifle to destroy. Once it's gone, fly up to it (you may have to disconnect your override by pressing R2, R3 and L2) You will land in a little room with a radar part.



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